Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, I realised my first post was more of a rant than a proper introduction, so here I go..

I'm still quite young. Hopefully, I'll come off as an intelligent young person. :P

I'm quite upset about how many parents don't allow their children, especially daughters, to study abroad. I understand that there are some good universities out here, but I think studying in a foreign country teaches independence and many great qualities in a person. I hope to study medicine somewhere like Scotland or England. :)
Haha, I also want to become a pilot but that's another thing.
Oh, and a classical pianist. :P
The list could go on, but medicine's okay for now. :p
Although it may sound childish, I really want to become someone who can help people, even in the smallest ways.

Poverty, racism, IGNORANCE, these are all things I want to terminate.
I'm just another dreamer.

John Lennon's song "Imagine" sums it all up for me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Great Welcome

I admit that Qatar is a beautiful country.
However, every country has its problems.
Although Qatar provides many benefits and is generally a good country, it is also full of problems.
One of these problems, which I witness quite frequently, is racism - especially towards expatriates.
For example, I arrived at the airport on Sunday after a long flight back home. The second I walked through the doors of the airport, I heard loud honking. I looked in front of me and found a man crossing the road with his luggage, and a Qatari man with his car right by the man's waist!
He almost ran the man over, and continued to honk his horn and yell as the man (who was speaking what seemed to be a European language) looked around in shock.
I'm sure if it was a Qatari man who was crossing the road, he wouldn't have done that.

What a warm welcome, huh? :P
I hope everyone gives me a warmer welcome to the blogging world :)